11 February 2021

Grandma Adkins


by Latorial Faison (February 10, 2021)

My husband and his siblings lost their grandmother and my sons their great-grandmother; my mother-in-law and her siblings lost their mother, Mrs. Hattie Adkins; she lived to be 94. My husband loved his grandma; she was to him what mine was to me: a strong tower, a saving grace, a wealth of wisdom, a spiritual mentor, a source of support and supply, a firm foundation. So today, I feel his pain. I feel the void. I had the privilege of getting to know Grandma Adkins over the last 33 years; she became my grandma too (smile). I loved her style. 

I loved the way she treated people. I loved her sense of honesty, equity, fairness, and justice. She had a glorious sense of humor. It was part of her spirit, her humanity, her oneness with God. I loved her intelligence, her will to learn and teach and grow and impart knowledge to her family and to others. She was an inspirer, an admirer; she loved to see everybody "do well." She was an old soul, and she gave her "old soul" to my husband. I thank her for that.
Talk about a Negro spiritual...Grandma Adkins gives new meaning to my poem, "Mama Was a Negro Spiritual." Her voice was amazing, and she could take you to church in a Southampton County minute. We all loved to hear her sing.
We are going to miss her tremendously. Grandma Adkins was an absolute joy to know, love, and be around. She was a giant, a legendary figure in the life of my husband Jerome, our family, his family, extended family, the Shiloh Baptist Church of Boykins, and the Southampton County community. These giants...they just keep on leaving the room.
May God impel us and strengthen us to continue to fill their shoes and exceed their wildest dreams and expectations. May we always live up, not just look up. Grandma Adkins always did. Her obituary though. Check it out. I have two words for this obituary. Two words for Hattie T., Grandma Adkins, Aunt Hattie, Mother Adkins: A-mazing. Grace!

She raised four daughters with her husband, the late Mr. Hugh Adkins: three doctoral degrees (plus an honorary doctorate) and an international evangelist...born and raised to this union. Rev. Dr. Lillie Adkins Faison, Evangelist (and Honorary Doctor) Shirley Adkins Wooten, Dr. Peggie Adkins Smith, and Dr. Evelyn Adkins Carter. She was a superwoman, a super-achiever who set the bar high for four little girls born to the sticks and fields of Southampton County, for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, for me! Thanks Grandma Adkins.
"Here's to strong women" and to strong mothers. . . like Grandma Hattie Adkins. "May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them," and may we raise our sons to find, marry, love, cherish, nurture, cultivate, inspire, and protect them. Long live another Queen Matriarch, Mrs. Hattie Adkins 1926-2021! We honor you. We will never forget.
THE OBITUARY OF HATTIE ROGERS ADKINS 1926-2021: https://www.wmjohnsonandsons.com/obituary/hattie-adkins

Grandma Adkins

IN MEMORY OF MRS. HATTIE ROGERS ADKINS, 1926-2021 by Latorial Faison (February 10, 2021) My husband and his siblings lost their grandmother...